Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Elance Review 2013: What It Takes To Make Money On Elance

Elance has been around for quite a long time but I will start this Elance review 2013 with a brief description of the site, for the sake of those who are hearing about it for the first time. Elance is an online platform that connects online job seekers to service seekers from all over the world. A wide variety of online jobs are posted on Elance everyday; from writing jobs, customer service, data entry, graphic design website design to software development.

Who can work on Elance?
Most of the people that post jobs on Elance are from the developed countries and working for big co-operations. Initially, most of the people who worked on Elance were also from developed countries and they earned a decent pay for the work they did. However, Elance has now spread to countries like Kenya, Philippines and India, tremendously increasing the number of service providers available online. This has had a not so good effect on the ability to get a job and be paid well for your efforts. That is why this Elance review for 2013 seeks to highlight a few tricks you can use to make money on the site.

How to make money on Elance in 2013
You can join Elance under three membership plans; the free membership plan for individual freelancers, the professional membership plan for people seeking more chances of getting online jobs or the business membership plan for big businesses.

The free membership plan gives one 10 connects (chances to submit job proposals) without an option to add any more connects. You can still try your luck with this membership plan but winning a job with only 10 proposals per month could be tough given the high competition that is currently on Elance.

So what does this Elance review 2013 propose?
If you are joining Elance in 2013 or seriously looking for a job there, then you need to be on the professional membership, at least. That will give you the chance to buy additional 25 connects a month for only $10. With 35 connects, your chances of winning a proposal are higher. Now the trick here is to put your bid at the lower side; you will be competing with people who are willing to be paid as low as $2 per hour. What I’ve always done is to keep my bid low, win a job and negotiate my pay up once the employer sees what I am capable of delivering.

Take advantage of the over flooding to make money online
The fact that too many service providers have joined Elance has worked to the disadvantage of many who sought to work online. However, a few have taken advantage of this situation and are making a good income. And it even gets better; they are not working!

Yes, this is how: you take the business membership plan and apply for as many jobs as you can. You are sure to win a few. Then give these jobs out to workers that do not mind a small pay and you keep the surplus as your profit. This way, your work will be to simply look for jobs, subcontract them and you make money. Isn’t that a good point to end this Elance review 2013 at?


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